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Apps that Waste your Time and/or Space

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Top Apps that Your Waste Time

These apps are taking you nowhere. Apps that waste your time. Don’t go, don’t sit down; just turn around from apps that waste time and/or space. While I continue to see these apps I continue to suggested, here is my take in trying them out.

apps that waste time

You may as well walk in circles before wasting time on these apps…and may make the same amount of money

1. ReceiptHog

  • Whyyyyyy does this keep getting recommended?!?
  • I’ve been on the waitlist for about 6 months. Enough said…
  • If you have tons of space and don’t mind it trying to use location services in the background despite the fact you are just chilling on the waitlist, have at it. Otherwise, don’t
  • If you have unlimited space and really time because it says it lets you know if you get off this waitlist in 30 day so perhaps that means reapply?
  • Note: this app WILL heavily use battery and location services. A very draining little waitlist

2. Spare5

  • Spare 5 years of your life to qualify for tasks that pay cents
  • When this app paid me a dollar something (from a lot of time) and sent a happy email about it I almost deleted all money making things.
  • it was like 😩 The day you get a congrats over a $1 and some cents after soooo much time. I thought oh man, and googled minimum wages almost everywhere.
  • some people on forums say they like it so well you can try.

3. Rewardable

  • So after months of only tasks for one specific liquor brand but at various stores, finally other things popped up. Also it was an odd looking brand that I think I’d recognize if I ever saw it unless its an odd DC thing (I am over the river).
  • Those liquor quests for the same liquor all went away one day and new things came…  yet now just frustrating! I never tried to find weird liquor in dc stores but when questions popped up and sweepstakes for near by stores, I thought ok yes I want a chance for $100 at Whole Foods.
  • So what’s the deal? Won’t upload your answers 99% of the time. Says to contact support if problem persists. I have, 4 or so times. Still waiting guys…
  • For acorns. 🐿 🌰🐿
  • been so long the iOS chipmunks have grown. Perhaps they ate all the acorns 🤔
  • If you love this app and get the error message, at least for me if I delete and reinstall I can then submit a task. But only one. Before delete and repeat as the chipmunks grow larger… yeah I don’t think you’re getting much.
  • the new sweepstakes feature also includes many closed stores so while I would love a gift card to an empty building well..that’s if I even get the app to work..

4. WowApp

  • Fun tasks. If you want it for non money making reasons. I’m not addressing those because I didn’t personally find any. It gave me pints which I think added up to a couple cent maybe and a played one game a lot. I liked it.
  • I mention this because they have international calling options.
  • Again, I think I made maybe 10 cents after consistent usage. And that’s probably overestimated.
  • the app says portions are donated to charity of what you make. but of 10 cents playing a game for however many hours I think I can help charities better other ways.
  • The concept sounds great. Help the world! With .1567 cents. Nope 👎

5. ZapSurveys

  • When it is in the mood to work (never) then it just is a very annoying survey app. Disqualified. Glitches. Etc. And that’s when it sorta feels like working.

6. ThoughtBase

  • Downloaded this at least a month ago and so far have only seen this
  • Too popular. Poor things. It’ll leave you poor too.
  • Update: starting to get SOME opportunities on here. I got one query – one question survey. Also you can write reviews on nearby businesses and if a business buys them, you get $2.50. Con: You have no idea if they will be bought. Usually mine were bought fairly fast when they were sold. Posted about 10 the other day and none were. So it may be picking up some steam again and getting to popular. Leaving this here for now until it changes more. You search for businesses to review so you can be posting reviews for nothing. There is nothing to indicate whether the business would buy it and I am unsure if they will. Especially since this feature came out in December. So I am guessing many businesses may have bought these reviews now. 

Anddd many other apps or maybe all. Just listing the ones I keep seeing because I’ve wasted time trying to see if they will get me anywhere besides cut up pennies..and nope. I think Monopoly money is worth more than what I can make via these apps.

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