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Receipts for days can make you some $$$ – My Top Apps to Save via Receipts

Here are some apps scanning receipts to save some money that can get you some cash back $$$ on items you are probably buying anyways. Or I wouldn’t recommend running out and getting something random you don’t want because between all these apps there are plenty of options.

Now lets save some money with apps scanning receipts

1. Ibotta

  • Available: Easy via my referral link (which gives you an extra $10 after your first rebate) here: https://ibotta.com/r/nvwmboe. 
  • Payout: Pays out via PayPal once your balance hits $20.
  • The rundown: Basically you get cash-back on certain items and goods based on the store (or app) and the items they are offering cash back for.
    • The stores (mainly mobile and specialty stores that are being added on recently) change but so do the discounts. If you save one though, you may still be able to use it when it leaves the main home page (not for long though).
    • Scanning through the app to fine discounts as you shop in a store is a bit annoying.  I like to save ones I think I want before I go – just saving deals that interest me.
    • After you purchase: you need to scan the receipt and UPC code of the product to get your cash back. (For a couple of stores the receipt is enough which is great – Whole Foods is one)
  • Cash back is credited to your account pretty quick, except Amazon took a month and a half for me.
  • Pay attention to the bonuses! Sometimes I have gotten an extra few dollars for using a mobile app that already gave me a few dollars off so it was almost free. They can be great and really add up.
  • Scanning receipts and bar codes isn’t super fun but mobile things you don’t have to and I’m over $130 while admittedly slacking a bit lately so it adds up. 

2. Fetch

  • Referral Code: get 1,500 start up points if you use by code CJ1GJ. 
  • Run down: for this app you just have to scan your receipt but you only get rewards if it’s a participating brand on there (or sometimes certain products). They also list some bonuses that give way higher rewards and change periodically. Sometimes you have to verify an item which can be done scanning the UPC code but say you ate it already (it happens, I mean its food) you can also search for it which is great and makes things easier.
  • Rewards: points that can be exchanged for cards including PayPal. Takes time since honestly I feel like I would spend too much time trying to find everything they even accept. 
  • Verdict: one of my favorites because it scans the receipts for you to find possible rewards vs searching through yourself so easy breazy. Even if the points take long to add up, you can and done. Maybe have to search for a product (which by the way if you verify something you get an extra 25 points). So pretty easy!

3. ReceiptPal

  • All about the receipts here so take a snap and get points. Takes time to get anywhere though.
  • Also allows for e-receipts.
  • Rewards include amazon gift cards (small amounts, “gift cards” which I have not achieved enough points yet to get to, restraurant.com gift cards which yeah ok, and a gift card for dinner and a movie (curious about this one because where does $50 get dinner and a movie??)

4. Checkout51

  • I don’t recommend but see it everywhere. I have had it installed for a while and painfully search through long lists of random items and then see one I may get and get all excited but nope, only available at some store far from me.
  • The searching can be limited by stores but I still find this app painful.
  • Can cash out when you hit $20. I am at a whopping $0. 

5. ReceiptHog

  • Been on the waiting list for 6 months. So if I ever get to be allowed to let them eat my receipts well ok…
  • this has already been added to my post on wasting time. I know some like it but well 6 months….

6. MobiSave

  • Never got into this because I never saw any deal relevant for me but hey you may have better luck.

7. BerryCart

  • Again not much luck finding deals here for my stores and items but it’s aimed towards more organic places (which I do shop at but still you may have different luck)

8. NCPMobile

  • Interesting app that does want you to scan weekly and honestly I have not figured out the rewards system but they sent me a reusable shopping bag in the mail for my 3 month anniversary and free gifts get a thumbs up from me.
  • I’ll rate this as peculiar. Reward system is confusing/very unclear yet I just randomly receive a package in the mail. Not going to turn down free things though!

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