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This is my blog on (1) how to make money online via apps, websites, and other platforms as well as how to make money online, through side jobs, and other ideas for making money; and (2) how to save money. Along the way, I like to discuss with my experiences with both and the methods I have tried out, offer any tips and thoughts, and general advice. I also have posts interspersed throughout on other topics I find interesting, such as pictures.

Enjoy my stories or join me in wandering for money.

Getting Around My Site

Check out my list on money making and my list on saving money and time. They list out my posts in each of these categories. I will update as I add additional posts.

You can use my categories widget, located on my sidebar and in this page’s footer, to find posts that are narrowed down to specific topics (saving money, making money, apps, pictures, etc.).

Making Money and Saving Money

If you are new to using these apps/websites/whatever else, feel free to ask questions. I included a post on apps for dummies that should help out. Of course, if you have trouble or any additional questions, just ask.

One tip from my money making adventures is while most like to look up ways for making money, saving money can really add up. Also, it can take a lot less time than trying to make extra money. Typically, of course there is a limit here. Saving money does not have to mean coupon cutting. On this blog, in addition to discussing some apps/sites/platforms to make money, I also talk about some tools that help with saving.

A lot can be streamlined pretty easily. So easy, I can sometimes forget about them until I notice I have points or savings racked up.

So check out my posts on saving money for some other tools, as well as my posts on how to make money. Some is both categories are very, very simple to use and whether its saving or making money, it can add up. If interested in knowing about any others, as always, just ask me on my contact page.

Referral and Invite Codes for Apps and Websites

Looking for an invite or referral code for an app or website? See this post for my referral code master list. I will continue to update this list with any additional apps and websites that have referral programs that I use in the future.

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