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Do you like talking? (Yeah me too) Here are some apps to share your opinion.

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Apps for Talking and Voicing your Opinions!

Yap away with these apps for those who love to talk and voice your opinions or I like to call apps for talking (for money$$) and usually more money that standard survey apps.


1. Methinks

This is one of my absolute favorite apps. It seems odd at first with video chats (unless you are used to that but I was not). However, once you start it is so much fun. Pay is great – but I stress that you need to have patience as you may not find a mission right away.

  • Available: on the Apple Store for iOS and their website
  • Referral bonus: Click on the menu option on the side of the app to enter or see your referral code. You get up to a $10 if you use someone’s referral or promo code upon completing your first mission. Make sure to do so BEFORE you do you first mission. Also, if someone uses your referral code, you can get up to a $10 bonus.
    • Use my code for a bonus: charlotte0024.
  • Missions and Application: first fill out a basic profile. This information is pulled and indicates if you are a good match for available missions. When you find a mission you are interested in, you first submit an application for it. This is usually a few questions and perhaps a short video recording and/or some photos. You will get notified if selected.
  • So what are these Tasks in the Missions? These can range from and include the following: free written answers, multi-choice answers, if it’s a game or product test, then testing a game or other product out, and video “interviews” which is just chatting with someone via video. Do not let the word interview scare you! Great people. Easy to talk to. 
  • Pay: pays out each Friday to PayPal (once you complete the mission and the mission closes – longest delay I have had is maybe two weeks) This app pays well and ranges between around $25 to $250, depending on time and type of mission.
Have patience with this app.
  • It took a while for me to get selected for anything but trust me I am glad I kept checking.
  • Pay is good and it’s fun.
  • If you ever thought hey I’d love to say gotta go work, need to play this game or look at some prototypes for devices, etc. – I never thought I would get such a fun job but pretty awesome!
  • You will not know until you try!
Review of Methinks Based on my Experience
  • Pros:
    • fun! If selected chances are it’s in an area you like (I think video games are cool but hey I know not everyone does) and it’s neat to give feedback on up and coming ideas or new businesses.
    • Pay is good for what you do although if you factor in time applying and everything, hourly rate may not be great. Focus the fact that it’s fun and could give you a $100 say to play a game. Then compare that to how much time you may spend applying to other jobs. Do not let the application process dissuade you.
    • Can be done anywhere – typically a phone, laptop and reliable internet required are required.
    • Very nice “interviewers” (I like to use quotes because when I think interview, I do not think of the types of more so chats I have had on this app because it’s way different!). If you’re camera shy you will get over it, promise. It is like chatting with a friend.
    • Developers and mission leaders will answer ANY questions you have which is great.
  • Bonus (Personal Development): I found that it is also a relaxed way to transition into and feel more comfortable with video interviewing.
    • This may not be a more standard job interview from a corporate company where you are in a suit selling yourself. But I think it may be a good midway if you are perhaps nervous about an upcoming interview. You still need to focus and you are talking to a stranger, but in a more relaxed setting. Wearing a t-shirt on my couch I say beats a suit in an office. But is good practice. 
  • Cons: not very many opportunities.
    • Applying to jobs can take some time. I only got ones once I applied to ones that asked for quick video answers.
    • Applying does not pay but hang in there! Or think of a few job applications you may have filled out to hear crickets. 
    • If you really do not like FaceTime or video chat then this is maybe not for you. I do want to emphasize the really part, because I’m not a huge fan of either but love this app!

Final thoughts 

I honestly am unsure how I stumbled upon this app so early in my journey to finding apps for make money. Also, I thought a few times about not sticking with it since I did not get accepted for some time. I am glad I did!!

  • This app is not mentioned in many blogs from what I have seen. So I want to mention it here. Trust me – you want to try this out. You never know if the PERFECT mission for you will pop up that pays you to do or talk about something you like doing anyways. Only thing you have to lose is a little time applying and a video chat with someone you likely will never see again – so no need to be shy!

2. Dscout

  • Available: on the iTunes App Store and on Google Play.
  • Application Process: to qualify for a mission you first need to submit an application which is a combination of multi-choice, free written answers, and usually a video and/or pic. They say upfront the time to expect to complete the application (around 5-10 minutes). If accepted, you will be notified via email and a message in the app.
  • Tasks (once accepted to a mission): These are referred to as “entries” which are a combo of multi-choice answers, free written answers, usually a video (30-60 seconds which flies by), and/or pictures. The number of entries will depend on the mission and is in the description before you apply. 
  • Completing Tasks: Note – while you will be given a certain number of days or day to complete such entries, it seems as though you can do them at your own leisure during that time, at least from what I have seen. AND if you don’t like what you submitted (maybe your dog jumped in front of you while taking the video) no worries – you can redo it! My suggestion is to have an idea of what you will say before starting and make sure you have good lighting.  30 seconds to 60 seconds flies by so quick that it’s good to know what you want to say.
  • Payout: ranges from $20-250 based off what I have seen. Some do state that certain scouts may get selected for an additional in person interview for some extra $$$$. Honestly for the time involved, VERY good pay.
  • Method of payment: Sent via PayPal. This can take a few weeks or longer, but the longest for me was only a couple weeks and sometimes it was a few days. Missions say upfront how much they pay and how many entries are required if chosen. They pay on Fridays – so if the mission is completed you should likely receive your payment on that Friday or the next Friday.
Thoughts and my Dscout review from my experience:
  • This is another one I stumbled upon later. I was discouraged with some (InboxDollars) and figured hey lets see what else is out there.
  • Not mentioned in many blogs either so I got lucky finding it.
  • Similar to methinks in that you need to be ok with video recording.  With this app, possibly more so because usually you are just recording your own thoughts and not talking to someone while doing so whereas methinks you typically are chatting with a person live in the mission portion (not the application part). I suppose it depends on your preference though!
  • Note: videos ARE saved to your phone’s photos so if you want to not flood it with videos taking up space, you may want to go delete them from their – they are still in the app.
  • Applying to missions can take time, but not much (the longest was maybe 10 minutes).
  • Have patience! You are not going to get everyone and sometimes I am contacted way after I applied, so you are not necessarily rejected if you do not hear anything.
  • Once accepted to a mission, the time commitment for some is so small I thought this thing cannot be real.
  • Who knew anyone would pay me to blab to my phone about how I organize or (don’t so well) some things which is one example of a mission I did. Another was talking about news I saw and thoughts on that over a week.
  • It’s like a video diary but that pays!
Final Thoughts:
  • Pros: pay is good when you get selected. It is easier than you think. Again, once accepted you do “entries” which are short videos and sometimes a mix of written questions and/or multiple choice and perhaps pictures, but they are short and from my experience can be done when you have the chance (as long as you meet the project deadline) and just need your phone!
  • Cons: not a ton of opportunities. You will not qualify for all of them. For example, if you don’t have kids, don’t own a house, aren’t flying soon, etc. Overall, no big deal because I do not fall into any of those categories but still found things. Just keep your expectations realistic and be patient. Remember: if you do not like an app, just delete it 🙂 . 

Again this app is so awesome because it really feels like you are entering in what they even call “entries” into what I feel like is a diary almost but using your phone. Lack of available jobs and not being selected for all is the main drawback because this will not be something you can constantly rely on. I would also prefer if it told you when you are not selected for ones you applied for, rather than just notifying you if you are. When you get invited though, very easy and a neat experience, so I say it’s worth a try. I was pretty excited when I got an invite for my first one!

3. ProductTube

  • Available: on the App Store for iOS and on Google Play.
  • Review so far: I am only mentioning this app because I have seen it out there but the jobs I have qualified for required me speaking out loud while recording and shopping. Awkward 🐢. Some tests are in-home tests. I only received one that specifically asked for a male to complete it so far.
  • But if you are in a big store or can act like you are just talking to whoever you are shopping with, you may find it easy. So you be the judge!
  • Tasks: Videos you apply for but those applications are very short. You then have a few days to do them (or maybe a week). Videos look short as well and pay $10 each (typically).

4. UserTesting

Overview and Basics
  • Availability: this is primarily a website (www.usertesting.com). Although there is an app, most tests are only available on the website version. Once accepted as a tester, the app is available for download from the website.
  • NOTE: First you need to get accepted which requires doing a test video in which you review a website.
  • Once accepted…Tasks: Review a website or app on your phone, tablet or laptop. Occasionally I see other types of product review tests which you first need to qualify for. I will leave those out for now as they are a small component of this platform, at least from my experience.
  • Rewards: $10 per “test” aka review where you complete certain tasks on a site or app while speaking out your thoughts. Tests take about 20 minutes. Some tests are longer and pay more and some are shorter and pay a little less. I got $30 for a longer one (maybe 30-40 minutes but I probably talk to much on the standard ones).
  • Payment method: cold hard cash via PayPal. Approval process for the tasks can take a week or two.
  • So what do you do exactly? You are given questions and you are asked to speak out your thoughts as the program records both your voice and your actions while you navigate through the website. This is usually by doing specific tasks as prompted, such as find this tab and saying how easy it was, reviewing this page, trying to do something the page or app would be used for and speaking out how you go about it as well as any aspects you like or find confusing, and generally providing your thoughts.
    • These are new beta version sites and apps – so just give your honest opinion but know not every button you click may work. Also, it may not be fully developed so let them know what areas are confusing to you or what you would like to see.
  • No face video recording so back to just talking but recording none the less. Also, even though you are not talking to someone directly like say methinks, you can’t rerecord like you can with entries in dscout. Once you start a task, you need to do it then or it will probably be snatched up by someone else.
  • Availability of tests: the more you complete, and importantly if you receive high ratings on those tests, you will notice more tests will become available.
Additional Thoughts and Review on UserTesting
  • Try to think how the person on the other side will value from your feedback. Remember, if you vaguely say this is confusing, they can’t follow up. Say why it is confusing – is it a button, a tab, a search – this is what they want to know. Talk it out. Say what goes through your mind. But stick to the questions asked. And do not jump ahead until you finish the task at hand and move on to the next. Or you may end up doing a later task before they ask you to.
  • Great articles are available on the site on how to succeed. I have a feeling if you read the instructions and do not rush and honestly explain what is going through your head, so basically use the website like you would any other, your feedback will be valuable.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: fast payment to PayPal. Just talking out your thoughts while looking at a website. $10 for giving your thoughts that you may have already with websites you see in everyday life (or will see in the future) isn’t bad. Can do anywhere IF you have a laptop (a lot require you to use a laptop) or for the others that do not, a phone or table. Not a huge time commitment. Tells you up front whether you will qualify with only a few quick questions – perhaps 2 so not a huge application process there.
  • Cons: software was a bit buggy for me at first. Took a while to get my first test – once I emailed support I eventually got some. Support can be somewhat slow. Recently, very slow when I asked a question about one review.
  • Final Thoughts:A neat thing to me about this app: it challenges you to convey your thoughts such that the person listening knows exactly what you mean since they cannot ask clarifying questions as you talk.
    • It’s like if reviews were done by postcard and you gave no return address.
    • Cool way to learn how to clearly express your thoughts knowing that the person listening cannot ask you a clarifying question.

5. TryMyUI

  • Availability: Again, primarily a website (www.trymyui.com) with a complimenting app, but most tests are on the website platform.
  • This is another user testing platform. Similar to UserTesting.
  • Application process: Like UserTesting, you need to first do a sample test. If you fail, try again based on feedback.
  • Test availability: After you qualify, app notifies you when a test meets your demographic by email.
    • Note: tests go fast. Sometimes the tests are taken 30 minutes after I am notified.
    • According to the FAQs, if you do a few paid test and receive good ratings, you should see more.
  • Pay: $10 to go through tasks and voice your opinions on the usability of websites. A few written responses are asked for at the end of the test. I find the helpful to expand on additional information I noticed.
  • I have only done two tests so far – one on my phone and one on my laptop. Very quick review and feedback on how well you did the test.
  • Time: tests take about 15-30 minutes.
  • Payment method: PayPal.

6. Mindsumo

So while you do not talk here, in a way I think it can go in this category. You submit solutions to challenges. Really fun!


  • Available: on App Store for iOS, Google Play, and you can also use the website at www.mindsumo.com.
  • Tasks: Companies upload challenges and your job is to come up and write a potential solution. Some also ask for a sketch, image displaying your idea, code, etc. Essentially a visual to demonstrate the solution. However, this is not always a requirement.
  • Pay: Many tasks will say $1,500 but spread out based on how well your solution ranked among others submitted.
    • For example, for some challenges, the top 10% of the solutions submitted split $1,000; next 15% share $400; and next 25% share $200. One example I see – the top10% got $45.50 each, the next 15% got $12.50 each, and the next 25% got $3.80 each. Another: top 10% received $71.40 each; next 15% received $20 each and next 25% received $5.90 each. So it depends but I want to set up the expectations because when you see $1,500, it looks like more.
    • However, some are different such as one that splits $600 over the top 3 solutions. So check it out.
    • Its fun coming up with these ideas (I think) and you can just do the ones that look fun to you.
  • Payment Method: PayPal. Some tasks take a few weeks to complete the review. After that, payment can take a few weeks.
  • Qualification Note: This started out as a means for college/graduate students or recent graduates to get in contact with companies that may potentially employ them. I think that is a great idea and so you can possibly make connections that way. However, if you are no longer a student, or a high school student, you may not qualify for all of them. I have found plenty so just pay attention to the requirements before submitting your awesome solution :). Also, some Some challenges limit participants to US citizens. Not all do – just look at the requirements.
Additional Thoughts:
  • If you are a student right now, I highly recommend this app.
    • Showing an actual work product versus a resume = seems like a great way to get in with a stellar company. 
  • If you are not a student, I still would recommend it since I have had fun (even when my ideas did not do so well 🙁 )
  • Feedback! After the review process is complete, feedback on your solution is provided in three areas: impact, creativity and testability. If you are on a blog to make money, well this is free feedback on how well you present your ideas. And you may get paid too. So try it out!

7. MindSwarms

Mentioning but will update if I get experience.

After applying to many surveys, I have not received any. The app says you will receive an email if not selected for a survey in which you applied for. I have not and reviews for the app suggest others have not either. Some people love it though.

Available on App store for iOS and Google Play. Also has a website: https://mindswarms.com/.

Thoughts and my MindSwarms review so far:
  • I have seen some say they love this app. However, if you run a quick search on it or read reviews, many seem disappointed.
  • I have applied to many. I have not participated yet (not been invited).
  • To me, that makes me a little weary.  Since if you say you will do that then just do it. Otherwise do not tell people you will.
  • There is an option to refer friends for studies (if say you do not fit the demographic) but I have not yet used that as I am not totally sure I trust this app.
  • Give it a try and if I am wrong, tell me your experiences!!
  • Otherwise this may get move to my post on Apps that Waste your Time and/or Space.


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