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5 Apps that Reward you to move

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Let’s make some moves – 5 Apps that Reward you to Move

Here are my top 5 apps that reward you to move. So make some moves!

make moves

1. Sweatcoin

  • Availability: App Store for iOSandGoogle Play.
  • Referral Bonus: Get 5 sweatcoins for each friend you refer. Here is my referral link 🙂 : https://sweatco.in/m/charlotte782885   
  • Earning system: Points are earned for steps taken *outside*. Note, this outside requirement can sometimes be a bit inaccurate. You max out at 4,500 steps per day for the basic plan. You can upgrade using “sweatcoins” to higher daily amounts. If you’re maxing out, upgrade at least to the next level because you can pay the monthly “fee” for that with about one day of sweatcoins you will earn in a day if maxing out at the basic level. Either way, not real money.
  • Reward System: basic gives 4.50 sweatcoins per 4,500 steps per day. Note that if you upgrade, that only means you can convert more steps per day. You still have to make some moves! And outside!
  • Rewards: this is where I think the app can be pretty cool. It does now have a PayPal option (sometimes) but it didn’t when I first started. Rewards change or run out so if you like one, get it or you my lose it. If everything looks bad, well check it out again in a day or two. I see things frequently around $70 retail but you pay in sweatcoins (earned via walking)!! 🚶‍♀️🚶🏃‍♀️ So good deal!

2. Achievement

  • Availability: can download via the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play
  • Earning Rewards: Points, which are then used to get a reward, are primarily based on the steps you take each day, as well as some other things such as surveys. There are also other fitness and social media apps you can connect to it for points. 
  • 10,000 points = $10. I walk a ton and I’m a little over 5,000 points in 6 months, so this is a very very passive app. I don’t think it barely does a thing to my battery life and more activities may come or you may have more apps to connect than myself.
  • Just don’t expect this to bring you much $$

Here is a screenshot of mine to show how many steps add up to points:

Achievement AppBUT you may have other apps to connect and I have had surveys pop up more frequently lately so do not let that discourage you. Not much phone space or battery life used, even though it does require location services.

3. Panel

  • Availability
  • Earning points: Points are awarded based on location, surveys and friend referrals.
  • Surveys usually ask where you were at a day and time and it shows your pin drop at that time on on a map if you forget. Sometimes they ask other questions, like shopping preferences.
  • Very passive app again. Can get gift cards or enter into sweepstakes for gift cards or PayPal.
  • I cannot tell you how the points are calculated based on location – no clue. To demonstrate, check out the screenshot below:

Panel AppOk so on Saturday I walked around a lot and by a bunch of stores or to a bunch of stores. Today, I have been in my apartment. So 33 points today from just location versus 22 points yesterday (which to be honest may have included a survey but those do not add up a whole lot – I just cannot check since it was reset at midnight). I will say my apartment is by a lot of stores and other apps sometimes think I am at a store when I am not, so perhaps that it is it. Just if you cannot tell a correlation, don’t get frustrated. Just let it sit in the background. Won’t bring in tons of money or rewards but will not do much to your phone either (location services and space are not a big issue here)

The next two apps are not necessarily rewarding you to move, but more so to shop. I include them because points through mobile apps was only introduced on both recently. And so you usually had to go somewhere (or just open the app at a place you are in) in order to get some points.

4. Shopkicks

  • Availability: cab download on the App Store for iOS and Google Play
  • Referral Program: Use my referral code and once you get your first walk-in (for applicable stores) or scan (for a lot of products typically found in grocery, convenience, department and pharmacy stores) within 7 days of downloading the app, then we both get 250 kicks. My code CODE: BEST106227
  • Don’t stop kicking!
  • Breakdown: Earn points via walking into stores, scanning items, buying items, and/or just based on dollar amount spent. Note this will vary for each store and not all will offer points for each of these categories. Also, a recently new feature is you can view mobile apps and offers for points, as well as rack up points by spending on those apps.Tip: check out the discovery tab. If you look through these things you may get a reward of a point (which yes is not much but can add up). Also has videos to watch for 5 points. But honestly I really like some of these posts. They are short and show cool product ideas.
  • Rewards: available rewards really range here and are gift cards or items mainly but you may see a scooter 🏍 or an expensive handbag. So a very wide range!

5. Checkpoints

  • Availability: on App Store for iOS and Google Play
  • How to earn: Earn points via surveys, scanning items, watching videos, referring friends, and buying items.
  • Referral: Feel free to use my bonus code clauren19. I *believe* if you use it, you get points too, but honestly cannot tell. 
  • Surveys are more involved but range from under 5 minutes to about 30.
  • Rewards: points can be exchanged for a PayPal card/credit, as well as other gift cards.
  • Warning ⚠️this app randomly says you have a virus…. they say it’s not them but well read the reviews. Crazy coincidence if it’s not them. I exit out and do not think these fake virus things have done anything to my phone, but no promises.
  • One promise: be prepared to see a smiley emoji hoola-hooping a lot. That thing should be stick thin by now with the amount of exercise you’ll watch it do.
  • Another warning: this app wants you to always have location services on and you will need them to scan things in stores, but if you are not going to be doing that, I would turn them off until you do. This app will use a lot of battery.
No longer available
  • Pact – this app is mentioned frequently in blogs. I downloaded it earlier this year and was sent an email over the summer that it was ending soon. As promised on my home page, I want to point out apps no longer available so you do not go crazy trying to find them!

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