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Weekly Photo Challenge – Experimental

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Experimental

This is for this weekly challenge with photography, topic: experimental.

I wanted to be a lawyer since I can remember – just did. It was not as though I knew other lawyers. I just knew I wanted to be one. Never strayed from that…until I did. And discovered photography.

After (I feel like) stepping outside my entire life plan, one thing I rediscovered was how much I love taking pictures. To be honest, I had to brainstorm hobbies before and couldn’t – so I am thankful I got the time to just experiment! Now it’s not just pictures, yet so much more. Such as just wandering about and seeing where I end up. And trying new things, even if it meant doing something for next to nothing or taking so many pictures my phone may be angry at me (sorry phone). It’s been scary and terrifying yet amazing and liberating. This weekly photo challenge resonates with me so much. So here are some of my pictures to illustrate


Photography editing Bench experiment Experimenting

I love you photo

Now since this is a blog for making money, stay tuned for a future post on apps to sell your photos. In the meantime go take some of your own!

{And if you like any photos and want to use or license, contact me on my contact page.}

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