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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky

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This week’s weekly photo challenge – cheeky 😼

It’s always the animals with the cheeky sly looks. So for this cheeky weekly photo challenge, this post are some pictures of a few cheeky animals emerging victorious.

Stand off with deer in New Zealand

Deer StandoffI think the deer has declared itself the winner….

Cheeky deer - cheeky weekly photo challenge Don’t come near my fence tourists. 🦌 🤨

The sneaky chihuahua that can *look* sweet when she wants to

Now a sweet looking chihuahua that sneaks under a desk as though we cannot see her, looking as sweet and innocent as any puppy 😇Sly hiding chihuahua Looks can be deceiving 😏. When the tables turn and the innocent hiding chihuahua no longer looks like the shy, innocently sweet pup in the first pic…

Cheeky chihuahua And the cheeky animals emerge victorious.


While it’s all fun and games for these animals in my pictures, it’s not for many in California right now due to the devastating wildfires this week. In my next post I list ways to help those impacted and those that must brace themselves to overcome the destruction caused by the massive California wildfires as they continue on at the time of this post.

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