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Daily Post Topic: Elegance

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Daily post topic: Elegance. My post.

I want to start writing more posts at reliable times. Everyday won’t happen yet but I can do post a week. And respond to daily topics. Today is elegance.


This word carries a lot of meaning…

Leaving a job or searching for a new one and A LOT. Some go away fast. If keeping up isn’t your thing and you have a good job that you may hate, don’t go insane applying to anywhere and everywhere at once. And be respectful toward together former employer during you last few weeks and also after you leave.Elegance requires composure under pressure and/or anything that happens under intense work environment.

1) you can be angry all you want but keep your composure.

You never want to ask an employer for what you believe will be a negative job app reference. Not trying to devalue anyone’s feelings or situations. If you are angry, be angry, be sad, be whatever so long as you keep your composure around both other employees and also the employer. It’s hard if you had a bad experience, but think of it like this. You work with a few others at or around your level but at a place that otherwise only has a set of partners. If you are leaving, and know co workers are unhappy, don’t rub the new job in their face. Would you want that if the roles were reversed? Be angry if you are. But try to use outlets that won’t get you a bad recommendation from this job in the future. Take the high road. Don’t beat yourself up if you do not every single day. Just try your best.

And if being angry hurts or discourages you, try to find ways to work through that, such as meditation. It probably isn’t you so don’t assume it is and don’t forget that you wanted to move to a new place while your colleagues didn’t know you were looking, had expressed discontent with the job themselves, and now may get extra work by you leaving. Respect everyone here.

2) know who you are and what you want or do not want. Then stay true to yourself.

If you know this job is completely wrong for you once you start it, try to make it work and if comfortable, talk to HR. If those aren’t options or you are at a point in which trying to make it work sounds impossible, you are hurting yourself and the employer by staying.

But I have bills and loans and kids and hungry dogs!! If you don’t have savings, personally I’d suggest to first save as much as you can while you stay at the job that at least gives you a paycheck. It will lead to less anxiety when you leave.

And be true to yourself – if you feel like this is the opposite of what you want, are too distracted to produce good work, have other jobs in mind you’d way rather be at. Ask yourself why and bit think the grass is always greener. If you think white why you feel you need to leave to another employer, and really think about it I think your answer of whether or not it works for you will be clear to you.

No one will pull out a crystal ball and give you a fortune telling. It needs to be your decision and based on something besides you getting mad and just quitting (which I have done before).

3) Stay as Positive as possible and treat everyone how you would want to be treated if on their side – grace under fire is elegance

This isn’t advice exactly but a dressage completion so sone grace under pressure was needed.

Be this (an olddd photo of myself in a dressage show – I give my horse all the credit though. He’s the star here):

Not this (squirrel guarding its trash can that in hindsight looks a bit unhappy at me being this close whoops):

Don’t be me bothering a rabid squirrel.

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