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Stock Photography Tips and Tricks

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Stock photo tipsTips if you want to sell stock photos from your mobile phone

Stock photo - flat layout

In my last post on selling stock photos here, I listed some apps to try out if you want to sell stock photos on your phone. So here are some stock photography tips and tricks I have learned.

Stock Photography Tips and Tricks 

Stock photos are different and are not necessarily your most beautifully edited and perfectly capture photo. They are photos to stick in blogs, sites, ads, newspaper articles, magazines, entertainment platforms, etc. Typically plain sells well as does those in trend at the moment.


1. Do not over-edit.

If an ice cream cone looks radioactive and unreal, pursue another platform to sell it on. But, do not ignore the tools you have available via apps! These can tweak photos easily into something great.

My personal favorite is Snapseed. I also use ImageSize if my photo has been overly compressed, it can possibly help; PicsArt; Adobe Photoshop; PhotoEditor; and Photo Lab. Snapseed also lets you see the size of the photo which is important to know when uploading since many times have requirements.

2. Look at recently sold photos and current challenge and missions if available. 

-Great resources for what’s popular now.

3. Logos? Unless specifically asked for it, don’t think about it. These can be deleted rather easily post processing.

think of it like this: would one shoe blog want the famous check mark across some shoes if they are writing for another brand? Don’t shut out your options. Brands can edit if need be later.

4. Releases. Secure model releases for recognizable people and for buildings and trademarks that may be subject to protection. The latter is harder to obtain (editorial rights) so read up because not everything is but if it can be avoided, it’s good to know.

-pics with people sell better though!

5. Reach out to other photographers because building a following helps.

6. Think lifestyle pics and pics you may see on a blog. That should help. And remember that usually they can be sold multiple times.

7. Don’t get discouraged. If you do, google top selling stock photos last year – you may be surprised and find it helpful.

8. Try multiple platforms because you never know.

9. Don’t underestimate your phones capabilities! Finding the right angle and lighting can make a huge difference. Try a bunch out and see yourself. Or flash. Or none. Try getting very close and try sitting down and looking up. 

Also try some helpers! Products are out there to attach to your phone and enhance the picture.

I have tried this one and will update once I get some more pics.

Another that has been recommended to me:
Along with this product because with the snap on lens one issue can be inability to use flash:

I’d recommend some very good and reliable back up space for storage.

And perhaps a portable charger. Such as this:

You do not have to be the best photographer ever to sell. Simple can be better. But what’s not simple is when you don’t take advantage of the simple free editing features at your disposal (some have paid features but all start out free) and some great little extras to help to turn your phone into one with higher quality without the need to go get a new camera instead.
Taking stock photos is awesome for me as a personal preference on my phone because I always have it but this is just my preference.
Find what works for you.

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