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Tour Guide Weekly Photo Challenge

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My photos for this weekly photo challenge prompt on tour guide.

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Tour Guide and Weekly Photo Challenge

Oh where could I even begin with this weekly photo challenge with the topic of tour guide… I have so many pictures to choose from of this area.  Almost all of my embarrassingly high amount of photos on my phone are local.  My phone is not happy with me, and tells me about everyday. In this post, I will try to narrow down my tour guide photos to a few that cover some themes of the many,  many photos I take locally. I think if you pay attention, there’s always a lot more around you to see than you may realize.

Here we go.

City life

Tour guide and rush hour photo

Bright lights in the big city. Heavily edited but that is one thing I sometimes like to do with my photos – regardless of how they look to begin with. It’s fun 😊. And fun to make some more dramatic, like in this first photo above (in case DC rush hour traffic is not dramatic enough already).

And I think this photo captures the rush hour hustle and bustle that is often the DC area.


These next two photos were taken at a nearby garden. That garden made me really fall in love with photography and, in particular, fall in love with taking photos of places and things in my local area. I just needed to stop and realize how much beauty there was looking right at me.


History and Attractions

Since it’s the DC area, I will include a photo of one sort of famous landmark. You guys may recognize it. Hard to forget it☺.

White House


My photos usually have a story behind them that I keep for myself

This next picture just means a lot to me. I have many that do because I remember what I was thinking exactly when I took it. But won’t share the memory part 😏.

Fall shadows and pathways



So after covering the often busy vibe in the local area, the nature that is overlooked, the famous buildings, and the little hidden places that turn into a sentimental photo in the fall, I will end with a photo showing you can still find some simplicity in a lot of chaos.

Bench photo in black and white

What’s more beautiful than something simple, stable and peaceful in a world that can often otherwise feel chaotic.

Final thoughts

For more of my local photos, check out my other posts. Many have photos that were taken locally. After all, I am still wandering about for money. Also check out my post for tips on stock photos. In case you are wondering, for edits I mainly use Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop Fix.

Download Snapseed on the App Store today if you are interested in even minor tweaks. Great app.


Super final thoughts (NOW IS MAYBE NOT PG)

Good backdrop? DC area can be super angry. One of my fave songs so I’m only including it one time and figure it should be here.


Not PG. Definitely not if you listen.

Explicit version of….

So Appalled. 30 second preview via iTunes:


Via Amazon:


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