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Six Websites to Make Money via Surveys and Other Tasks

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Rewarding websites that pay you to complete surveys and other tasks. Make money from home and Make Money from Websites – My Top 6 Rewarding Sites

So you want to make money from websites?


I personally prefer using apps over websites because I have trouble just remembering to keep up with the websites. There are many I tried that paid me next to nothing. I will list those in a separate post. It can be frustrating if you have not used a survey site or microtask site (e.g., watching ads, completing offers, answering polls, etc.) – microtask may be the wrong word here but essentially just other little activities for points or money. If you google survey sites or sites to make money, you will find A TON. My problem was I kept trying them out and kept googling when some I tried would leave me with maybe $1 in my balance after hours because it kept disqualifying me, was glitchy, had very time-consuming surveys, had no surveys but I kept checking, etc.

Tips for Keeping Track of Survey Sites

When you start to sign up for too many to find the ones you like, it can be hard to keep track of them. I find it harder when its website. A suggestion I have is to track which ones you try and which ones you like. If you want to do this easily – you can bookmark each survey site and create a subfolder in bookmarked sites for survey sites. I would suggest creating two off the bat and say “good survey sites” and “bad survey sites” – just bookmark the ones you try once you decide if you like it or not.

If you change your mind later, well save it as a bookmark in the other folder (if you like a site that you bookmarked as bad survey sites) and delete the bookmark from the original folder. This can keep you organized in a few ways:

  • You will remember the names of which survey sites you have actually tried at some point in time. This gets hard if you try out really over 5 sites. A lot have similar names. Who wants to spend time searching them back down before even the time to take the survey?
  • It can help you remember which ones you like and are worth going to, and which ones you do not. I have revisited some that I do not like because I forget and see a good review for it. It may work great for that person but if its making me pennies, who cares. Not all of them will necessarily be great for everyone since surveys are so demographic focused.

These are only some websites I personally like. I will post additional lists in the future as I spend more time on figuring on the ones I like since admittedly, I do like apps much more than using websites.

Getting started

To get you started, here is my current top 6 list to make money for websites. I will discuss some pros and cons. Note that some are survey sites while others include multiple tasks you can do for money or other rewards (gift cards).

My top 6 Websites for Surveys and Other Money Making Tasks – How to Make Money from Websites

1. OneOpinion

  • Visit the site here: https://www.oneopinion.com.
  • Tasks: this is primarily a survey site. Surveys can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes.Ocassionally, you may qualify for a focus group. The ones I did were online at a set time and just required a chatroom function (no video) and paid about $30 for 30 minutes and were really fun!Tip: if you do get a focus group invite, do not ignore the instructions when it says to join the room prior to the time the focus group begins. These rooms DO fill up and then you just miss out on completing it. It is a first-come basis once invited (at least for the ones I did). I was fine when I logged in about 5 minutes early one time, but another tried 10 minutes early and it was full. It could have been the time of day. But, if you want to participate, just keep this in mind. You then can just sit and wait and watch TV until it starts 🙂 .
  • Note that you typically answer a few questions up front and then it says you qualify for a survey. You do not get a list of options to choose from. So you cannot decide you want the 500 point one that only takes 5 minutes. It will give one option. If it looks too long, you can always come back to the site later.
  • Rewards: Surveys reward you in points that range from around 500 points to 2500 points. If you start to take a survey and it says you are not in the group they are looking for, you will get 50 points for trying. You get 50 points for up to 5 surveys that you disqualify for per day. It is still a good thing about this website that they actually give you something even when you do not qualify. This is certainly not the case with every survey site or app.
  • Payout: You can request payment in the form of a PayPal when you reach 25,000 points. 25,000 points = $25. You usually see the payment reflected in your PayPal in about a few days, but sometimes about a week.Once you hit this minimum, payment is not automatic. You need to request it.
    • Note: when you redeem, you always redeem 25,000 points for $25. So if you have 26,000 points when you go to redeem, 25,000 points will be deducted from your balance and you will get $25. You will have a remaining balance of 1,000 points. You cannot request to get the full amount – just $25 options. This can be sort of annoying.
  • Why do I like this site? Payout is fair for time spent. 
    • Few technical glitches.
    • I also do not have the issue where I get to the end of the survey and then it says I am not the right demographic – which happens with a lot of other sites.
    • 50 point award for when you disqualify. Usually after a few questions, so only a minute or 2 of your time. A lot of sites give you nothing and may wait longer or until the end of the survey. Essentially 50 cents for 1 or 2 minutes is not too bad and shows the site is willing to do something for your efforts.


2. Toluna

  • Sign up for this site here using my referral codehere.
  • This is a site with surveys and other tasks you can complete for points such as polls and games.
  • It has a page where you can request to test out products. There is usually only one product available at a given time but it shows you ones that are coming soon. You request to test it out. Testers are randomly selected and mailed the product. You get to keep the product for free in exchange for your feedback.Admittedly, I have only requested a few products to test, but have not gotten one yet. I would suggest doing it more frequently if you are interested in this. Who doesn’t like free stuff?
    • I do not know how many people that sign up end up getting products. This site is popular so perhaps the rate is low. However, these are usually small products such as makeup and personal care items. I haven’t seen anything like an iPhone X on here, but I have not spent a whole lot of time on this site yet.
  • I have read that you can get invites to panels and focus groups via this site, but I have yet to receive this invite.
  • Rewards: Points that you accrue from surveys and other tasks can be redeemed for various gift card options.
  • Why do I like this site? I think the points you get for the surveys, based on the time they take, is very fair. Also, it is another site that I do not run into the you basically finish a survey and then it decides you are not part of the right demographic. This is a big thing for me because it can waste a ton of time.


3. SwagBucks

  • Visit the site here using my referral code to sign-up: http://www.swagbucks.com/p/register?rb=36445920. Referral program? YES. Both you and I get 300 points if you use my referral code. 300 points is roughly $3.
    • Also, once you sign up and refer others, you get 10% of all points they generate for life. 
  • There are a few apps as well, one of which I have previously mentioned which is Swagbucks Answer (a survey app) and available on the App Store as well as Google Play. Also there is the Swagbucks Local app, which I have found little luck with.
  • Rundown: the site let’s you get points for completing surveys, trying out various offers (more points for ones you spend money on and note: be careful with the “free” ones. Just be sure you’ve read the terms prior to agreeing.), watching videos, playing games and answering daily polls.
  • Payout: points can be exchanged for various gift cards.
  • Popular site. I think it is good – especially that  it offers multiple ways to get points
  • Con: the integration between the site and multiple apps is tedious and not very easy. Personally, my number of “swagbucks” seems to be unique to whatever platform I use. I am assuming this can be integrated, yet when already dealing with multiple apps and a website, it’s not a fun or seamless process I feel is worth taking.


4. MySoapBox

  • Where to get? Sign up on the site here using my referral link.Referral program? I do receive points if you use my link. However, I am unsure if you do. I will be honest about this. A pro is you get points when you refer others down the road.
  • Rundown: Primarily a survey site. 
  • Payout: Exchange points earned for various gift cards.
  • Pro: Time spent for a survey can generate a good amount of points.
  • Con: This can be a huge one. You can spend 5 or so minutes on a survey and it says you now qualify for some other survey. Then you start it and go through the same thing. It turns into an endless loop. I think that one time around getting your demographics (ESPECIALLY when you also are asked additional questions) should be enough if you will only be redirected to another survey. My thing: Don’t make people spend too much time now re-entering those demographic answers. Unless the site expects you to spend an additional year of your life on it. This was not always the issue so hopefully it is fixed soon. 


5. GrindaBuck

  • Sign up using my referral link here.  Also can click on the banner below.

  • Rundown: LOTS of various tasks such as surveys, watching videos, just visiting sites, polls, etc. 
  • Payout: Gift cards OR this site offers payout in the form of the main cryptocurrencies out there – BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Also can redeem for PayPal, Amazon, as well as other various gift card options.
  • It terms of options for pay-out, this site really gives you all the options one could ask for.
  • In terms of how to get points to get this pay-out? It also gives you tons of options. What I think is great is that it will label some as quick tasks or micro tasks. If you do not feel like spending 20 minutes on a survey (like with some sites, even if the reward will be higher), no worries here! You can really tailor the tasks AND your rewards to fit what you are looking for.


6. OpinionOutpost

  • Visit the site here: www.opinionoutpost.com. 
  • Referral Program? Yes. But there is a catch. You get $1 for each of the first 5 friends you refer. Maximum is $5. My referral link ishere.
  • Rundown: Survey site that awards you points for surveys.
  • Points awarded is pretty fair for time it takes, so that is why I include it in the top.
  • Payout: for 100 points, you can redeem $10 cash to your PayPal account. This is a low minimum amount, which is great. 

Now YOU go try one out and make some money from websites. Let me know your thoughts.

And if one doesn’t work out, great thing about survey type platforms is you can be on to the next 1,000 instantly. Or just: On to the Next One.


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3 thoughts on “Six Websites to Make Money via Surveys and Other Tasks

  1. Oneopinion and opinionoutpost pay out to PayPal so it you cant get PayPal – those two are probably not an option.
    Swagbucks specifically lists available countries here: https://help.swagbucks.com/hc/en-us/articles/205640554-Is-it-available-in-my-country-

    Toluna has had people say no success if non US but also people say they were fine.

    MySoapBox and grindabuck are not very clear. MySoapBox, according to another blog, is limited to a few countries.
    Websites may be harder outside the US at least for me to comment on. My experience with downloading or searching for apps is that apps not available for US users may let you download it, but stop you when you go to create an account. (Example: say this is not available in your country yet).
    So there are ones out there that will not let US users in for sure. I’d say stay clear of sites that say they pay out in PayPal only if you are in a country where you cannot get a PayPal account. It is just a fast way to knock some sites out.
    Grindabuck I tried to find out but it may be worth checking out because of the numerous payout options. Also, since there are other payout options besides PayPal, perhaps searching for survey sites and a payment account you have may generate some good options.
    Check out this blog post from an app I use that discusses PayPal alternatives: http://www.getmoocash.com/blog/paypal-alternatives-skrill-and-payoneer/

    Thanks for commenting! I hope the two I mentioned that are not clear on whether the restrict may be options. Otherwise I would search survey sites and one of the payout options available to you like skrill or payoneer. I think money is what they all care about… and us ha. I’ll try to note the ones I come across that are not available to US users. It’s usually random apps but quite a few. So they may be good options.

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