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It pays to play – apps that pay you to play or try out other apps

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Pay to PlayGet rewarded by playing via these apps

This post is on two types of apps – ones that you play a game and earn points for an eventual payout and ones that you get points by downloading and using other apps (which often include game apps).


follow up pay to play post coming up really soon. Until then, a perfectly playful song and the rest of the original post

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Earn Points by Playing

1. TapsForMoney

  • Available: app is on both the Apple App Store as well as Google Play.
  • Run down: it is what it sounds like. You tap on things to water your tree, grow your farm, and also play mini games. Sometimes you tap on items that reward more points in exchange for watching an ad. Sometimes the ads have you play a game (without leaving the TapsForMoney app) as a way to try out an app that you can download which is kind of neat. Or a bit more fun than just watching an ad.You can also earn tickets and enter those tickets for a chance to win various prizes.
  • Warning: Expect lots of ads and pop ups. A LOT. 
  • Payout: You need to reach a certain number of taps and then you get $15. Note that it’s not a 1:1 ratio for actually tapping to how many taps you get. Sometimes you click to watch an ad for 325 taps.
  • Time commitment: A lot. If you are bored and feel like playing something go for it. You never have to play for a set amount of time (you can go in and play for 2 minutes if you feel like it). But to rack up enough points to cash out, it will overall take a bit of time.
  • My recommendation: if you are bored and even better, if you enjoy the game, hey go for it. There are tons of games out there with a bunch of ads that never pay so if you enjoy playing on this app why not use it. Just do not do it for the money because it will take a long long time for $15. So long I almost feel bad mentioning it. I am including because I want to review apps I have tried to give others some info or my take on an app that may be considering. 

2. FishForMoney

  • Available: app is on both the Apple App Store as well as Google Play.
  • Here you catch fish for points. Some fish are worth more than others. Also you can unlock fish that give you more points through tasks.
  • Ads ads ads ads. Sometimes this game can be a little fun but for me, the ads quickly take away from that. And you will notice that you are seeing the same ads pop up a lot. So lack of variety makes it more irritating.
  • Earn enough points and you get $10.
  • Again if you enjoy playing this game why not do it. But don’t do this for money because it will take a while to get there.

3. MooJoy (along with MooCash and MooBucks)

  • Availability: find all three on AppStore and GooglePlay.
  • Rundown: every 24 hours you can collect one free gem. You can also get gems by watching short videos. You then can use these gems to play mini games – like spin a wheel, slots, click on hidden tiles to try to find treasure chests before hitting one with an explosive, enter into the daily lucky draw, etc. For each game, you can choose how many gems to use. If you use more, the potential “coin” payout is higher.
  • How to earn: MooJoy is part of a family of affiliated Moo apps that sync your account across all of these apps you use. One is the MooCash app. This app lets you get coins by downloading and trying out other apps, completing various tasks on social media platforms (e.g., do an instructional video on YouTube, use and give feedback on an app, like a page on Facebook, etc.). The coins you earn on MooCash are reflected in your balance on MooJoy and vice versa. So between these two apps, you have a bit of options on how to earn coins (and ultimately rewards).
  • Note: After you download an app to try in MooCash, login to MooCash the next 3 days, go to the history tab, and click the red 0/3 button next to the app to open it. do that for 3 days and it will show 3/3. This seems to be required to get the coin reward, but is not made very clear in the app.
  • ¿Confused yet? Well there’s a MooBucks cash back app as well! Cash back is awarded in coins and coins earned again are linked to the other Moo apps so that the coin balance you see in any app is the same as the balance you will see in the other app(s) you use in this Moo app family.
  • Rewards: Now here is where the coins come in. Coins are redeemable for a variety of rewards – on MooJoy, the options for redeeming coins are mainly gift cards and charitable donations. MooCash has a few additional reward options not available on MooJoy. Examples include: cash (via PayPal, Skrill and Payoneer), credit for talktime to make calls, and an option to trade in coins for a certain US dollar amount worth of Bitcoins (for example, at the moment 10,400 coins can be used to redeem $10 worth of bitcoins, less a small processing fee that I personally do not know the exact amount of yet).
  • Update (Jan 2018: Bitcoin is not currently available. May come back). Also note that the fee for PayPal is hefty- $1 for redeeming $15. 🙅‍♀️
  • Don’t let the large coin amount scare you. If you download and try out apps by clicking on one that’s listed in the MooCash app, you can get a decent amount of coins for that. A lot are free. Sometimes MooCash requires you to open the app for a few days after downloading it. Downsides with this feature: if you already have an app listed on MooCash, you can’t get coins for downloading it again, even if you delete it first. Also, I’ve downloaded apps and never got any coins for doing so. Finally, other apps and websites reward you to download apps. So you may want to decide on your few favorites first so that you can get the max points on those apps or site. Otherwise, you may limit your options on apps you can get points for downloading and trying since typically they only give points to someone downloading an app for the first time. Spreading out points for similar activities likely won’t work for these types of apps. Rewards are relatively similar and if you spread out points, it may take a while to get a reward from any of these apps.
  • My take: can be fun and given the many ways to earn coins via the multiple Moo apps (MooJoy, MooCash, MooBucks) that can be exchanged for rewards or cash, there’s probably something for everyone on here.
  • Verdict: it’s *maybe* worth checking out. If you do not want to do the tasks on social media platforms or download and try out other apps, the daily free gem is a way to collect points with minimal effort by checking in and collecting the gem and using it to get coins by playing games on MooJoy. The time to play those games is less than a minute so the time commitment here is very small. But you will earn coins much more slowly if you do this versus some of the tasks on MooCash. It’s a personal preference. A good thing with these Moo apps is you can choose to casually engage and slowly accumulate points/coins or do more types of things to accumulate coins faster. But you have the choice of what route, or combo, you want to do. Not many apps give you a choice like this to more or less determine how passive or active you want to be, and what types of activities you wish to do in order to earn rewards.
  • Cons: the multiple apps is a bit annoying when your coin balance syncs based on what you do throughout all apps. I’d prefer one with the features combined (there doesn’t need to be a different app for the 6 games MooJoy offers or for the cash back deals MooBucks offers). I started with MooCash. It was very confusing to me at first since I could not see how to use these gems I was collecting either through the daily gem feature or watching short videos. Now, I tend to just use MooJoy because I prefer it and switching among apps isn’t my favorite idea when they all are linked in terms of your coin balance (which is basically the way you get your rewards – by using coins). There’s not much guidance in help on how these apps work together or if you start with MooCash only, there’s not a clear explanation regarding what on earth those gems are for. But now you know how they relate to each other!
  • My favorite aspect of this app: the blog, which is found under the community tab. This blog is great and if you are reading my blog, it’s one I think you’d be interested in as well. It talks about ways to earn from home, as well as other topics like a comparison of PayPal to Skrill to Payoneer. Great resource. I know it’s on a similar topic to my blog – but when I google apps, I usually read do not read reviews on just one blog. I like to see a few opinions. Oftentimes, different blogs highlight different aspects of the same app. And I am not going to neglect mentioning a great resource just because it may “compete” with my blog. I do not see other money making blogs as competitors. Not because I’m realistically not a competitor to anyone or even on their radar, but I think different money making apps compliment each other rather than compete. I won’t take away MooJoy’s blog content but one recent article on there (How to Make Money Online by Play Games – Part 2) had some really neat and surprising facts. Download the app and check it out 🙂
  • Referral program: Yes! Go to invite on the MooCash app to find your code. Share it and your friends will earn 20 coins for signing up when they enter the code. You will also get 10 gems and earn 10% of what each person that uses your code redeems for life. Not too shabby.
  • Use my code to get your first 20 coins just for signing up: 9RY7SS.
  • Update: I am warming up to this app! Or family of apps. I have been trying out more apps and getting points with them but also finding apps that I really like because of trying them on here. So download MooCash today and then also get MooJoy and MooBucks. I personally do not use MooBucks much but hey you might! Don’t forget to use my referral code!
  • Update 2: I have a love hate here. You will have offers with no payout and the response you’ll get? Third party apps don’t always pay as stated on the site… ok then they don’t always pay because of some confusing reasons. Rewards can change in the middle of the night despite them encouraging to wait to redeem at higher amount to avoid fees. $1 to redeem $15 on PayPal makes no sense. It takes a few weeks. Good luck reaching support after the initial 5 people message you. Bizarre app.

MooCash screenshots

Here’s an idea of some apps to try at the moment.

  • Further screenshot with other ways to earn… Note: see the Enter MooCode to unlock bonus rewards? These can be found on Facebook and Reddit but here are two to start you out – GIVEME5 and EARNMONEY and FREEMONEY

Do to earn – here is a screenshot of the Facebook tasks. As you can see in the above screenshot, there are also tasks for other social media platforms.

MooJoy screenshot

Earn Rewards via Trying Other Apps

1. MooCash

  • Discussed above in connection with my blurb on MooJoy.

2. CashApp

  • Earning points: (1) checking in daily gives you 20 points. (2) download an app by clicking on one listed in this app under the task tab>list. Note: pay attention to exactly what is required. It is listed in the home screen that shows available apps/tasks but you can also click on an app to see what’s required. For example, it may ask you to reach a certain level or complete a task within the app. Here you will also see other important info like if this is limited to only new users of this app. (3) go to task tab>map. Here you can search for local tasks to complete at nearby stores.
  • Note: when looking at the list of tasks under tasks>list, you will notice only some are asking you to download an app. There are quite a few that ask you to register for something to get a gift card for a store or restaurant. If you click on one of these, you typically see that you need to sign up for a deal at 3 different levels. Some are free, some free trials, and some cost money. May be worth it if you find deals listed you’d like anyways. I haven’t used this option but can imagine it may lead to spam, so use caution and perhaps an alternate email account and phone number (you can set up one with your gmail account on google voice)
  • Payout: once you reach the necessary points, you can request a payout via PayPal. The app says this is currently the only option.
  • Referral program? Yes? The help section says you can invite friends via text and WhatsApp and they will get a link with your personal code. Then you get 100 points and the friend gets 20. But I can’t find how to send my link or my code.
  • Warning: one of the tasks available is to rate this app 5 stars on the App Store. So don’t necessarily trust all reviews you see….It may just pop up under the list of tasks as I see the refer a friend on a very similar app listed next..

3. Money App

  • This is so similar to CashApp that they look the same. Almost exactly.
  • Refer code: 157QCV
  • Given the similarities between the this app and CashApp, id suggest checking both out but quickly choosing one to stick with. Otherwise you will see the same tasks to download apps on both apps and have to spread out those points if you use both. Although, both do give a daily sign in reward, so you can keep one for passive earning via simply collecting the daily points: just prepare for it to take a while.

4. Make Money

  • Another app virtually identical to CashApp and Money App, so the blurbs on there apply to this app as well.
  • Referral code: JAO15l

5. GetRewards

  • Offered tasks are extremely similar to CashApp, Money App, and Make Money.
  • It is set up a bit different, whereas the other three look almost identical.
  • A bit glitchy. The home page has three categories you can click on for tasks. Usually I can only click on one and it varies which one I can click on.
  • Referral program? Yes. If you can find your code. If someone uses your code when they first sign up, you are rewarded by earning half of their earnings for life.
  • Offers other rewards esides PayPal.

6. PocketFlip

  • Why not round out this list with yet another that looks almost identical to CashApp, MoneyApp, and Make Money.
  • A few noticeable differences with this one though: the FAQs are much more helpful. The referral program is also a bit different. Anyone that uses your code gets 100 coins off their first gift card redemption. Also, according to the app, you will earn up to 1,000 coins with them, 50% of the coins they earn.
  • My referral code: vwqhdx634
  • Note that one difference is a negative – this one has no daily check in reward.

Final thoughts

  • The games you can download for points from each site WILL overlap. What does this mean? You get points with only one. Unless you are into downloading a lot, I’d narrow it.
  • TapsForCash and FishForMoney have no downloading but the ads are sneaky so it’s hard not to accidentally do so.
  • Bored?????? Go ahead. I will list some other games that pay to play in another post. More so free gambling games or Satoshi!
  • But if you get irritated, just set them aside for later. You won’t make that much to be annoyed here.

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