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How to earn rewards with miscellaneous apps [Part 1]

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How to earn rewards via other miscellaneous apps

This is a how to earn rewards with some miscellaneous reward apps that do not fall neatly into other categories of apps, in my opinion.

The rewards are also a bit different – some pay only pay in amazon gift cards or a gift card or discount for some other place or establishment. I can’t say whether these rewards are personally worth it to you or not, so I will mention the apps and let you decide. And then some pay in good old fashion 💰 ; my favorite type of reward. So here we go in likely one of many postings on these more miscellaneous apps…

1. Job Spotter

Available on  App Store for iOS and  Google Play.

  • Run down: you take photos using the app of help wanted signs. 2 photos: one of the help wanted sign and one of the store front. When you get used to it, it’s easy breezy.
  • Award break down: (1) take photos of help wanted signs. You are then awarded 5-150 points which yes translates to 5 cents to $1.50 Amazon gift card dollars. When I realized that I rolled my eyes 🙄 but this has become one of my favorite apps. (2) new! Verify other people’s photos. Just view and say yes this shows a hiring sign and yes or no this shows the storefront of X store – pay attention there because sure it may be a storefront of a deli but the question may ask for a toy store. This part of the app you can do from wherever. You will get 10 points or cents once you finish a round of verifying but they seem to go by much faster when you get more stars via verifying correctly.
  • Redeem points? Request to “cash out” via receiving an Amazon gift card
  • My take: look when I realized I just got 5 cents towards an Amazon gift card, I was not super psyched but hey I like walking and taking pics so I kept at it. I’ve raked up at least $100 or so but mind you, I did start out a skeptic. So keeping at it was passive.
  • The moment I looked at this app for something else besides myself. These are local jobs and posted on indeed and chances are you have visited indeed in your life. You may find your ideal job doing this or you may not but you are helping others in their job search. So just have some fun and that is how I started looking at it until I noticed oh wait I have a good amount in here.
  • Try this one out – it gets kind of fun and you never know if you will help someone find a job by snapping a few pics.

Here is a screenshot I took to give an idea of the amount of points certain help wanted signs rewarded. Job Spotter ScreenshotI cannot zoom up to the pics of the help wanted signs. If you are curious about where these pics end up and what they look like from people that use this app, check out indeed.com and search for help wanted. 🙂 It is fun to see signs from around your area that you took a picture of but see someone else’s pic. I thought I was the only one at first. Nope!

2. Survey Mini

  • Availability: check out the app’s official site with links to download from both the App Store and Google Play, as well as some helpful facts on using the app.
  • Run down: surveys pop up based on location and specifically ask if you just visited a store you were nearby. Then asks questions on your experience.
  • Awards: rewards come in either store offers (free cookie here, etc.) or points that can be used towards offers or store gift cards. Takes time to rack up points.
  • My take: I can write reviews for the end of time and am well wandering for money, but this one I am not sure of. If the offers are for places you go to (I got a lot for ones for stores that used to be around but no more) then perhaps it’ll be awesome for you. However, the app does seem to be changing some. Now I usually only get points which was better for me and they can be used towards offers. I want to mention it seems to be achanging. I’ll update further if warranted.

Here is a recent screenshot from this app to give you an idea of what types of rewards it offers and how many points it takes to get them.SurveyMini Screenshot Rewards

3. SurveyMe

  • Availability: check out the app’s official sitefor links to download the SurveyMe app on the App Store as well as Google Play. Also provides some helpful tips.
  • My take: Surveys, at least for me, are mainly on nearby movie theaters. Then a lot of the rewards are just various discounts at the movie theaters. (At least from my experience so far – but I did not realize how many movie theaters were around here until this app so movie theaters may be its business of choice.) The reward for taking a survey is then usually some discount for that movie theater…. Not for me but hey I know everyone has different preferences so may as well mention it for any movie buffs. If you use this app and have other surveys, let me know and I will update!

4. ThoughtBase

  • Availability: on theApp Storeand you can check out theapp’s websitefor well what I saw for a while.
  • This is an odd ball…for a while it say no surveys available because they are too popular. 💁‍♀️
    • Popularity is so tough…
  • But I stick with a lot so I kept checking in.
  • Recent option popped up to make some $$!
  • Run down: you write reviews for nearby businesses.
    • Which businesses? This is the cool part. You get to pick. Search for a local business you recently visited and write a review! It’s cool you get to pick the place to review. But the place gets to pick whether they buy your review. So the rewards….
  • Rewards (for reviews): If your review is bought, you get paid $2.50 immediately to PayPal.
  • It looks like things are changing here too. I will update if other ways to earn pop up in the future.
  • Note: When you get paid, you just get an email saying you are getting $2.50 for your review. If you only wrote one review, you’ll know what business it is for. But otherwise, it does not tell you that. It’s cool. Not everyone wants to buy my opinion. 💁
  • BUT: note, however, that the app does not even tell you which places you have already submitted reviews for in general (whether or not they are bought).This may not be an issue for you but I get forgetful. If you think you may forget, I’d suggest keeping a list. However, i’d first try out the app to see if you even like it and start with a couple memorable places before deciding if a list is even worth it. 

5. Servy

  • NOTE: This app seems to have switched gears based on its website and recently I have not been able to update it as it says it is unavailable in my country now.The website is here: https://www.servyapp.com and from what I can tell it was acquired and will be heading in a rather different direction.
    • I will update if I hear more.
  • Before I could no longer open the app, from what I could tell, it offered discounts on local restaurants if you provide a review in only cities (and then only participating restaurants). It looked like there were some for me in the DC area. However, I’d have to spend too much and just did not want to go to these places for money reasons. But lately it hasn’t been working for me so whooo knows.
  • Approval Required (before official use of app): for approval, first you must submit a short little application.
  • Now here I’ll go again with helping people. But c’mon we all can use some help now and then… This app says it donates a meal for each review. In my book that’s totally awesome as long as you can find a place near you. Perhaps you will save money and make a donation at one!

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