Wandering For Money

Let’s Begin! (And tips when starting on your money making adventure)

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Making Money Online – Let’s Begin

wandering for money; making money online

Overview – let’s follow the green brick road!

Join me on my journey wandering for money, as I share my experiences with making money online and through apps, and my tips from what I learned. I used my picture (above) because I think it fits with what I got from this; a journey, some wandering, some money, and a lot of unknown in the distance.

While this is a site about making money, beware – not all things exactly lead to much more than well what you can find just walking on the sidewalk. But the experience is half the fun, or was (and still is) for me.

My blog – my making money online journey and beginning tips

I know there are plenty of make money from home or via money making apps/sites out there. I also know I have probably read most as well as comments, forums, feedback on the app store, message boards, etc. etc. etc. While those blogs were all very helpful, I may have gone overboard in my journey, and can provide the perspective outside of the main apps you see mentioned everywhere – as well as my own experiences (which have at times been rather awkward) and hopefully some tips for you. So hold on, one girls weird moments may be your next side gig or hey maybe it will lead to something more.

I cannot promise you will get rich or close. Perhaps you will by learning some of my mistakes and insight. I promise I will always be honest – which turns out, some money making sites like 🙂 . And I will *hopefully* provide some amusing stories along the way. When you feel lost, as I did, you start wandering. You still need money though. Hence, wanderingformoney.

Making money online introduction. This blog will include:
  • Overview of the various types of apps, sites, and methods to make money online.
  • Some tips I have learned on how to save money, which includes not only cash back apps, but other methods as well – there are a lot!
  • Things that have helped me when it felt hard or discouraging.
  • My favorite apps (some of which are not well known yet and so there are not many reviews on them out there).
    • By relentlessly searching and searching (and searching) for good ways to make money, I stumbled upon some pretty good apps and sites. Some require patience, especially if there are not many blogs or reviews on them out there to answer your questions. But some pay very well compared to the typical ones you will seemingly always see pop up whenever you search ways towards making money online.
  • Some apps I have read about as I googled away which no longer exist – there are quite a few it turns out. I will try to mention these so you do not spend time looking!

I spent the time – so let me help you save yours. And if you have any comments or questions – I love to talk! And love to help.

My goal for this blog is one thing. If I can help one person feel better in any kind of way, I will be happy; it will all be worth it. If I write a public electronic diary to myself, well writing out your feelings helps so they say.


  1. Get a new and separate email – seriously. Some sites and apps basically require you to NOT opt out of emails and they add up.
  2. Use that new email when you sign up for these apps and sites. And: Stay consistent with your email login – don’t complicate things for yourself. One login is easier to keep up with and then you have only one email account with all the fun spam galore. (not all will spam you but you can simply get a ton of emails that it may take over your current inbox)
  3. Try things out but do not spend 20 hours on a site that has only made you $2 that you cannot cash out until you hit $30. You’ll go crazy.
    • Along the same lines… there will usually be a review for any given app or site that says how much money that person made and how easy it is. If they did, awesome. But don’t let that keep you spending time on that app if you are making about a cent per hour. Move on. There is no shortage of things out there. Which brings me to falling down the google rabbit hole…
  4. Google, read message boards, blogs, articles and reviews, and write your own reviews (if you want) – but limit your time on google. Don’t google how to make money all day. That makes you zero money. So does writing the angriest review out there – and it probably won’t make you too happy either.
  5. If you do anything for the sole purpose of trying to make money, you will be miserable. You won’t find the million dollar paying app. And you may go crazy trying. Yes, you may make good money with some but probably not immediately. Just have one other reason besides money. It helps. Trust me. And have patience.
    • Feel free to share any reasons you have for doing this. For me, I felt like I finally had some control. Before, I hadn’t felt like I had any. So if I only made a dollar well it was doing something I chose to just go do. No harm in finding something good in every situation. I wish I did that a long time ago. And you will wish you did too if you go use an “easy” app for an hour for $4.
  6. Keep track of what you sign up for. This is something I would have ignore starting out, thinking duh they will be in my email or on my phone – I can keep track by looking at my email or my phone. Well, you don’t know what you need to know until you need to know it. I didn’t know you would need to hit a minimum to cash out for some things until I got an app or site that had one. I also have signed up for some of the same apps about 5 times because I forget if I tried them and hated them or just have seen their name mentioned a lot. There are some things I wish I knew up front. I will list these out in a later post.
Stay tuned!

Stay tuned and if there are any specific things you want to see, let me know! I hope you stay with me and let me save you time sharing what I learned through all the time I spent (and wasted).

I have added to my contact page a survey form that you can fill out if there are and specific or general types of apps or sites for making money online you all want to hear about next because chances are I tried some or will if a lot of readers are curious. Or have already and just not yet reviewed them. Curiosity may have killed the cat but it hasn’t killed me yet.

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