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Save with apps through cash back on things you buy anyways

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Save save save – Save via these 5 Cash Back Apps

Save money with cash back apps on things you buySome of those little purchases can add up and grow to some extra $$ via cash back.

Thanks to apps, cash back doesn’t have to mean coupon cutting. You can use any as much or as little as you want. I’d say take a look and if the stores and/or offers seem totally irrelevant to you, others should fit you better. Or you have odd tastes.

Just check them out and pick what you can do somewhat easily and save money. If all the deals are in Alaska and you live in Florida, may not be the best app. extreme example. But if all the cash back offers are for stores you neverrr shop at and you personally feel that this app makes cutting coupons for days to save 5 cents look better – move on.

Not everyone lives in the same area and certainly do not all use similar products or stores. So you gotta see them yourself to know if it’ll work for you.

Also, some focus more on online shopping while others are a bit of a mix. So shopping preferences has a role.

1. Ebates

  • How to get it: App is available on the App Store for iOS as well as Google Play. Also available online at www.ebates.com, but my experience with the site is limited.
  • Referral rewards? Yes. Use mine for a $10 welcome bonus via this link by clicking here:

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

  • Then share yours with your friends/family/whoever. They can add up.
    • If you share you share your code with someone and they spend $25, they get $10 and you receive $5.
    • There is also a tier system in which if you refer 1 person you receive a bonus of $20 for a total of $25. 2 people – bonus of $40 for a total of $50. 3 people – bonus of $60 for a total of $75. 10 people – bonus of $100 for a total of $150. This continues to go up.
  • Tips:
    • This app offers both online and in-store offers. There are more online offers than in-store offers.
      • For the in-store ones you can link your credit card very easily after adding it to your Ebates account. Then hit link card to the specific deal/offer you want to use which is a button you can press when you click to view that deal.
      • Some deals change frequently – some so frequently, it can be on a daily basis at times. Just see if you’re up to date before heading to that store.
      • best part of in-store offers and linking your card: you add you card info one time, you then click link card on whichever offer you want (when viewing it in the app), and pay for your purchase at that store using the linked credit card. It is so easy (especially for those that do not change that frequently), you can almost forget you have it – until you get some cash back.
    • For online offers:
      • Typically to get these cash back offers you need to go to the app and click the offer on the app. This will bring you to the store’s website. For at least the ones I have seen, you have to open up the online page via the EBates app to get the cash back.
      • If you are like me and tend to go to Amazon for all online purchases, in store apps may be best for you. However, some offers provide very high cash back deals (typically the higher ones are around the holidays), so it is still worth checking out. Also I have seen Amazon on there but not frequently at all. There is a chance you may see it pop up but if you see a really good cash back deal at another online store, I’d say just take it.
  • Payout: only pays out every quarter AND you only get payment for that quarter if you have the minimum balance* in your account. Then it takes a few weeks after that quarter/3 month period ends for you to receive a check or PayPal deposit. .
    • *Note: To get a payout, you must have a $5 balance EXCLUDING bonuses such as the welcome one.
    • The payment method used by this app is definitely the most annoying feature. 3 months is already a long time to wait when some apps pay you in a few hours. Also, requiring the $5 minimum balance (excluding bonuses) to receive any benefit for that quarter is a bit frustrating. For me at least. It could be because I mainly use the offers that do not necessarily have a high % cash back rate. Other people may get to $5 very quickly based on their spending habits.
  • Payment method: default method is via check, sent by mail. You can switch to PayPal by logging into the website. I did not find a way to switch to PayPal via the app.

2. RetailMeNot

  • Availability: App is available on the Apple App Store for iOs and on Google Play. You can also go straight to the website to download the app. The website will essentially redirect you to the App Store or Google Play, but it does save you time in not having to look through other apps that may have a similar name.
    • Note: the website also shows the deals available. So if you want to check them out first, you can see whats offered at the moment by visiting the website.
  • Overview: a lot of the options on this App are pulled from the data provided by the store offers or deals as provided by those stores. So you can find them by visiting the store or its website (typically). Some are exclusive to RetailMeNot.
    • Consider this as more like a hub of coupons or offers for various stores all collected together in one place.
    •  For the online offers, there is sometimes a cash back option in addition to the offer for a % off a product or purchase.
  • Payment method: it takes about 15-30 days after submission, for approval of your offer. Once approved, you will see the amount you got back in your RetailMeNot wallet. From there, you can request to cash out via PayPal.
    • there does not seem to be  minimum balance requirement in order to get the payment. Just you have to wait and if and when it is approved, then you can request a payment.
  • Note: Not every code on here works. Also some are described in a somewhat misleading way. If you click on a company and see tons of codes promising one thing but one that looks way better buried in there, it may be real but use common sense.
    • Additional note: with some coupon codes, if you use them you may not be able to go back and use another code for that store if you realize you do not like the one you picked. For example, first time user bonuses are popular ones that restrict you to use the first code you hit claim for (typically the ones for first time users). So if you click on one at a store that says 10% off for first time users but see one that says 20% off for first time users, if you already claimed the 10% code and applied it to the store’s online site (even if you did not complete the purchase), then you probably cant get the 20% code.

3. Find&Save

  • How to get it: app is available on the App Store and Google Play.
  • Not much experience with this one. I occasionally look at it – various types of ways to save:
    • It is more a coupon app/deal app than cash back – although 10% off something is in a way cash back…so I do not want to split hairs there.
    • One tab has standard coupons that the app features each week, such as buy 1 get 1 free coupons with Walgreens card.
    • Another tab lists the names of stores. This is neat because you can go to a store you are interested in and only see a list of current deals (vs. searching all over the store’s website). You need to then confirm if the store still has that offer by visiting its website.
    • Weekly Ads tab – this is what you get in the mail and if you are like me, probably through it away. Now you can and just check out this app.
    • The tabs listing malls and brands are similar to the stores tab, just broken out by malls and by brands instead.
  • Again, it is all about finding the ones that fit your shopping habits and preferences.

4. ShopAtHome

  • How to get it: app is available on the App Store and on Google Play.
  • I do not have much experience with this one either. Reviews on it are very mixed – some love it, some hate it over customer service and redeeming issues. Personally I just have not seen many deals that were for stores or items that I wanted.
  • Welcome Bonus: Honestly, from what I can tell, you need to sign up for this via the website and then go through a few hoops. So they say $10 for signing up. If you do not see this in the app store, go to the website. BUT, note: This is conditioned on you getting $20 in cash back rewards in 60 days after signing up.
    • Ok. Spending $20 no big – NOT what it means. Say you spend $100 at Macy’s and it says 1% cash back. Now you are at $1 towards the $20 you have to get in 60 days for your welcome bonus. This is one example, but keep in mind that is what this means. Some stores you shop at may have great cash back percentages or you may buy enough where who cares.
    • You can also take surveys – the Peanut Lab surveys which are in many many apps but usually a waste of time. For example, with this app, I took one for $1 but it shows nowhere….
  • My take: not for me. But it may offer you good cash back bonuses depending on where you shop.

5. Shopular

  • How to get it: app is available on the App Store and on Google Play.
  • I also have little experience with this app. It looks very similar to Ebates and the referral program looks linked to Ebates. Sometimes the cash back percentages look a bit different though it may just be the layout.
  • Payout is on the same schedule as Ebates. I have not used this app yet, but it shows my told payments to date as my Ebates balance, so again they seem linked.

Bottom Line

I cannot say which is best for you. It depends on if you shop online vs in store, but also the deals vary so you may get deals with one of these apps for stores you love while someone else may think the app is worthless. Try them out and see if the deals are appealing for you. No harm in trying. All free to download.

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