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My Own Advice on Perspective

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My own perspective of the ups and downs of self-employment

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Not always easy even to take my own advice because of perspective

I say “you got it” to others but never to myself. But do not always hear the same. I also never take my own advice on perspective. 

Current mood

This song. Affiliate link. Although, I won’t be a jerk and not say what it is. It is the song that played in the ending scenes of last week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder; “A Big Part of a Big Sun” by DeLaurentis.

Cue emo backdrop. Shoe - Advice

But take it how you will. The show showed both happy and sad during the ending scene with this song in the backdrop. To me, it’s sad. It could be my own perception. I can see a silver lining in it as well.

A lot of that can come with self-employment. You’re your own critic and your own advocate. A lot of ups and downs.

I tell everyone besides myself they can do it. And believe that.

A tiny shoe on the sidewalk can be interpreted as sad or cute and happy. Just a matter of perspective.

What about the Critics?

They are everywhere. You will not always make much money. You may make none. While I can be totally fine with that (to an extent because well I did not win the lottery yet), turns out it is almost the only way to show anyone else that you are “successful.” 

What if this is a hobby? What if it is not? It may be something you want to develop into a business. Guess how much people with traditional desk jobs relate to that? If you spend a second trying to guess, that is more than reality: which is very, very often none of the time.

Some are supportive. But if you are not showing your very impressive $5 earnings from ads or actually good earnings from some apps I talk about in my post on winners and losers. You can spend 24/7 hours a day on your blog and every other thing to also keep some standard of living, and you will have tons of people refer to how they have an “actual job” to focus on. What makes your job so real? Also, when did that become a reason to knock down others.


Thank them. Every day. All the time. Be there biggest advocate. Thankfully, there are plenty of those but it can be hard to take a step back and recognize that. I admit that. It is hard in a word of critics. It is something I will work on. WordPress is fantastic with its community. I believe if you reach out, ok yes some will not respond. But you never know who will help you.

SO THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO WAS THERE. I will add a separate post for you all. thank you 🙂 



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